The Jews and the Bolchevik Revolution

Sources :
Hervé Ryssen
Hervé Ryssen – Les livres

Many Jews fanatically invested themselves in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. For some thirty years, until the creation of the Hebrew State, they made up a good part of the leading Soviet Union’s officials. Rare are the Jewish intellectuals today to recognize the crimes of their fellows in this story. To make you forget all this, you need a « scapegoat »: it will be Stalin; or better still: Adolf Hitler. The greater the crime, the more the scapegoat is indispensable.

(((They))) have taken great care of Germany

The blood does not attract only the sharks

The corpse of Germany covered with the blood of so many innocent people still smokes from recent massive bombings when our good democrats -driven by the World-Jewry- decided to bone this White bloody carcass and share the feast.

The Jews, this uprooted people, thieves, rapists and murderers just hammered a nail in the European coffin attempting to destroy -once more- virility, beauty and intelligence of a people of which these parasites can only dream of as they are so much weak, ugly and stupid.

Thanks to them, there is nothing left to what once was, five years ago, THE highest country THE most educated and THE most advanced in technology, health and social rights than any of these « democracies » which are only pretension, arrogance and barbarism. « Democracies » work on the principle of « debt », a Jewish scam that drives people to borrow more and more, always more rewarding Jewish banks while Jews do not produce anything apart from decadence, pornography and filth « artistic » but enjoying everything.

If in 1945 the Jews triumphed, it is mainly through their lies, their whining, their low blows and broken promises. They also owe their victories to those who preferred to kill their peers rather than to rid the earth of this brood of vipers. For a few dollars, they were likely to cooperate in their own extinction, and in 2016, they are still more likely to want to submit and to want a complete extinction of their civilization.

All that is said and what was said by the Jews on the National Socialist Germany is false, the executioners are still and always pretend to be the victims. For 70 years, they sully the memory of the warriors who died to free the world from the yoke of international Jewish finance, but also sully their own dead inventing tall tales about soap and lampshades made with the Jews, of homicidal gas chambers, cremation pits or giant landfill.

None of this is real, everything is lies and fabrications and they know, that’s why they passed laws that prohibit questioning their stories, prohibition of investigations, and outright ban to simply ask any questions.

The only « global » thing in the two « global » wars of the last century was this « international clique » shoot-to-crime and anti-white genocide that are and will forever be the Jews. They hate Whites, Blacks, Arabs, but above all, they do not support a people can be the civilizing people they will never be. They destroy everything that is beautiful and creative, they attempt to corrupt everything and murdering those who refuse corruption or submission.

Let’s not reproduce the errors of the past.

This third world war that these bloodthirsty monsters desired so much will eventually happen faster than we think if we do not quickly undertake actions to stop their criminal acts. What happened to National-Socialism was inevitable. Adolf Hitler and his people respected the rules and laws while before them, Jews were mercilessly and had as sole rule to exterminate White people at all costs. Today the absolute proof of their genocidal plan lies in the desire to crossbreed Whites of the entire planet.

The following video is a propaganda video produced by the Allies after the war, the Germans are depicted as fanatics who do not respect laws, are violent and devious, in short this is the perfect example of this inversion accusatory whose Jews are so fond of.

Jews cover with their own quirks all those they hate, and many people take their word for it. Yet, it’s written in Jewish books that to get their way, they are required to lie to non-Jews as many times as it takes without hesitation to sacrifice them in as many holocausts as necessary. Figures from the Second World War are clear, tens of millions of non-Jews were massacred at the instigation of the Jews who have suffered only very low loss of life, mainly due to typhus.

Jews consider that non-Jews are animals, therefore, they sincerely believe they may do absolutely anything they want to them without having to justify themselves. And that’s exactly what happens. (*) How many more tens or hundreds of millions of non-Jews will be slaughtered before all realize that the cancer of humanity is Jewish?

If it is not already too late, it will soon be.

(*) You say, « Yes, but some Jews denounce the behavior of their co-religionists. » (Except some unusual exceptions, they always do it as a Jew, and therefore remains untouchable …)

True, but think about it, why denounce the « wicked Jews » who only follow the law of the Talmud and the Torah? Why do some Jews condemn other Jews without denouncing Judaism and what it preaches?

The answer is simple, it’s a manipulation to prevent an action against the Jews to make the non-Jews believe that there are « regular Jewish » and « Zionist Jews », that is, say good and bad Jews. And who can tell the difference between the two when the Jews themselves claim to be a full race, « The chosen people »? No one of course, which is very convenient for this manipulative and calculating people.
Either you are Jewish and you assume it, or you’re not.

Jews, incest and hysteria

Sources :
Hervé Ryssen
Hervé Ryssen – Les livres

Almost all Jewish filmmakers and intellectuals have spoken of incest, in a more or less ambiguous way, or by projecting the problem on a « goy » family. This is what I have shown in several chapters of three of my books.

Transcript is available:

Hervé Ryssen – Jews, incest and hysteria

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Philippe Henriot – Discours fin 1943

À la fin de 1943, Philippe Henriot secrétaire d’état à la propagande et à l’information prononce à Lilles un discours public.

Philippe Henriot, End 1943 Speech

At the end of 1943, Philippe Henriot, Propaganda and Information Secretary of State in Lilles, France had a public speech.

Transcript is available:

Philippe Henriot – End 1943 Speech

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The Holocaust as political weapon against the Germans

Source :
German Victims – Deutsche Opfer

The Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

By Horst Mahler

To begin with, I’d like to make a few introductory comments because we Germans have been trained in a way that we no longer examine certain thoughts. Emotions are then always used to fend off these thoughts vying for our attention. We do not evaluate thoughts as to whether they are correct or incorrect, true or false, but whether they suffice certain moral categories, whether they are politically correct.

There is a taboo that has been implanted in us for decades, perhaps even more than a century, so that we no longer perceive certain topics objectively. Themes around Jews; and that’s from the position of both sides, whether they be pro-Jewish or anti-Jewish. The topic Jewry-Jew is guarded in us by the let’s call it, thought police. We are not allowed to think about this matter logically.

In what follows here, however, we are now thinking about the Jews, and about how the Jews relate to us Germans, and how we Germans relate to the Jews, and that which comes up is so dreadful for the typical German, that he tends to get up and walk off shouting. It’s also about the topic Holocaust.

Holocaust as a political weapon of the enemy of the Germans, the weapon of Jewry. And to just speaking this out loud, elicits intense reactions. But it is important to attain clarity within us, so that we will finally break through and again judge thoughts coming to us according to their particular value, to see if they are correct or incorrect, true or false.

I declare right from the start, this Holocaust « religion » is built upon the most monstrous lie in world history. The Holocaust, the way it is used to accuse us of murder of the Jewish people, is an invention! »

Transcript is available:

Horst Mahler – The Holocaust as political weapon against the Germans

Decent or indecent, when reality goes beyond fiction

The truth suffice to itself.

To honor our dead and to let them finally rest in peace, it would be so easy to state the facts. But when it comes to suffering, and for political calculation reasons, jews tend to tell their stories in a fantastic, amazing, incomparable, sensational, and transcendental way.

Today we decided to show you a small selection of jews and Germans testimonies.

You will understand what arrogance and what contempt for human life one must have to dare to put forward a version of history as adulterated with false witnesses, an invented extermination and a nonexistent crime weapon, while the jews who survived the « holocaust » ™ are endless and could easily testify against this official version manufactured from A to Z. In this sense, you will see for yourself that some jews have already reported to have experienced and seen something else unrelated to an alleged « Holocaust ».

Observe the decency and humility with which the Germans who survived the horror -a horror desired and programmed by jews- tell their war experiences while retaining a lot of it with paid lip service … up to you to hear and read between the lines of their hidden suffering.